Thursday, 11 December 2014

R 'n' R Diner - Classic Peninsula Diner

The R 'n' R Diner in Central Saanich may have a modern setting on the outside - but it's all classic in the inside. From the food to the decor to the old-fashioned service (the latter being: on-the-ball, whip-smart & fast).

The outside is actually a little unassuming....

But the diner part comes thru loud and clear as soon as you step in the door. Maybe it's the stools at the counter...

Friday, 7 November 2014

Wheelies Motorcycle Cafe - high-gear it over

Located in unassuming Rock Bay 'hood (between the garages, office furniture warehouses and fastner outlets) sits Wheelies Motorcycle Cafe.  Previously an actual garage (home to an honest mechanic who worked on my car), it's been, well, transformed into a cafe-come-custom-garage-come-general-cool-moto-hangout.

Cafe on the right, custom-garage on the left.

At the cafe you can saddle up to the barstools, tuck into the booth or, if the weather is stellar, get sun-baked on their patio. Inside the space the walls are covered in rough cut wood and decorated with vintage posters, magazines and helmets. And on one wall: a small screen, with classic motorcycle movies projected onto it (think Easy Rider and the like).

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Padella Italian Bistro - gnocchi near the beach

Tucked away in Estevan Village (deep, dark Oak Bay!), a few blocks up from Willows Beach is Padella Italian Bistro - a lovely little restaurant serving dinner. {Tangent: for only being a block long, this little village is great - in addition to this great Italian place you can get top notch breakfasts from The Village, classic fish & chips from Willows F&C and fancy cupcakes from Crumsby's (well curated greeting card selection at Bungalow too...but this is a food blog ;-) }

Padella's bright red door greets you on the outside....

Padella's welcoming red door

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

PiCNiC - tasty Fort St. bookends

PiCNiC is a (capital G!) great little coffee/lunch spot...well, two spots actually (as in PiCNiC and PiCNiC Too). The original is located at the bottom of Fort Street, near Wharf St, North side; the second is about seven blocks up Fort St, South side.

Picnic (first location, lower Fort)
Picnic Too (Fort btw Cook & Vancovuer)

They serve local coffee (2% Jazz), create unique lunches daily (2 sandwiches, 1-2 salads and a soup) and mix up refreshing beverages (lavender lemonade, sodas, cold-brew coffee & more).